Omer is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and enters the new millennium in the middle of a development momentum such as has not been experienced for years.

The results are everywhere to be seen: from the renewed and improved entrances to the settlement, the new "Bne Beitcha" neighborhood, the modern high school, equipped with innovative facilities, and the advanced computer system employed in schools and daycare institutes, to the industrial park hosting industries whose up-to-date knowledge in various field keep growing and developing, and so on.

We focus on the attainment of the goals that we set to ourselves in the course of the previous decade, and the nurturing of our education system is our top priority. The foundation of our own high school has completed the establishment of a comprehensive education system, starting from daycare and ending with university studies. We continue to invest in all of its components, with the aim of providing to children the best in all fields.

Education is a high priority issue, and so is culture and leisure time life in the settlement. In Omer you can find, among others, a theater club -both for senior citizens and youngsters-, a series of playgrounds for children, representative art groups, a club for leisure activities, a wide range of sport and art classes, and so on. Efforta are also invested in celebrating holidays and festivities in a meaningful and traditional manner, and in supporting the local scouts' movement – the Zofim.

Other central issues and goals that we set for ourselves, are the expansion of the settlement through the building of a new neighborhood, while reaching an agreement with the local Bedouin tribe for their permanent settling; our activities include restoration and development works all over the settlement – roads, entrances, parks; the widening of Omer's Jurisdiction, in order to create a "green belt" surrounding the settlement – with the cooperation of KKL; the foundation of the industrial park for high tech "clean" industries and the strengthening of Omer's economy, a process meant to lead, within reasonable boundaries, to a detachment from the state budget, and to evolve the settlement into an independent economical system.

Omer is now moving forward along three routes: education; high tech; culture and quality of life. The parallel movement along these three routes are a model and an environment for the development of a settlement in which high quality, stability and development are combined.

The results of the developing momentum can be already seen and felt, and I have no doubt that we will continue to enjoy them also in the coming years, as they transform Omer into one of the leading settlements of the country, as far as high quality of life is concerned.

We welcome the new population of "Bne Beitcha" and the new employees of the Industrial Park, and wish them a swift acclimatization

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